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Early Autumn at Sky Park Farm


Have we seen the last of the warm late summer days – or will yesterday’s Autumn Equinox spell a change towards cooler weather? 

At Sky Park Farm, our deer herds are unfazed by the cooler weather, continuing to happily graze in our paddocks. You’ll see their winter coats starting to grow through –  the red deer turning a peppery mushroomy grey still with their light underbelly, while the texture of the white deer’s coats becomes coarser and wiry and the sika becoming darker through their chestnut summer coats. 

This year’s young red, white and sika calves are growing in confidence – perhaps it’s time for them to go to school?! The young deer are continuing to grow bigger and more independent. By the early winter, the new pedicle will start to peak through for their very first stage of growth – from which every antler for the rest of their life will grow.

We are often asked about the differences between the deer – one of the main differences is in the sign the deer leave behind –  their tracks. The hind has a narrower track making it look more pointed where the stags have a wider track. 

As the trees start to turn, the stunning autumn foliage around the farm reflects the changing seasons. Picnicking in our grounds is possible all year round if you are dressed for the weather and we have plenty of covered areas both natural and man made to keep outdoor eating a real possibility throughout the seasons.  

Don’t worry if you are caught unawares by unpredictable autumn days – our Visitor Centre sells a gorgeous range of children’s raincoats and wellies ready for a splash! Made from ethically sourced materials including organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, Frugi and Kite are just one of Sky Park Farm’s British based sustainable suppliers. We are excited to be showcasing more of our local suppliers in the coming weeks. 

According to the MetOffice, there was a significant increase in rainfall this summer with the average with Hampshire up 49 percent, Surrey 54 per cent and West Sussex 52 per cent. Luckily the tracks around the farm have a hard surface so don’t get muddy. 

As older children settle into the new school term, younger siblings will be able to enjoy a free run of the Adventure Playground, with its dedicated area for toddlers. Annual membership continues to be available – paying for itself in just three visits.  With The Grazing Rooms cafe, Farm Shop and Butcher opening soon, Sky Park Farm has something for everyone. 


Autumn equinox - Children playing in the Adventure Playground at Sky Park Farm



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