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Sky Park Farm secures grant funding

Sky Park Farm secured support from The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in August 2019.  The EAFRD granted the application for funding which has contributed to the building costs for the farm shop and café building.

The EAFRD funding programme works in conjunction with national and regional Rural Development Programmes. Sky Park Farm fulfilled the rural development objectives to:

  • improve the competitiveness of agriculture,
  • encourage sustainable management of natural resources and climate action,
  • achieve a balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities.

The EAFRD allocates funding based on innovation, environment and climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is distributed according to six priorities:

  • fostering knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas;
  • enhancing the viability and competitiveness of all types of agriculture, and promoting innovative farm technologies and sustainable forest management;
  • promoting food chain organisation, animal welfare and risk management in agriculture;
  • promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift toward a low-carbon and climate resilient economy in the agriculture, food and forestry sectors;
  • restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems related to agriculture and forestry;
  • promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas.

Pierce and Victoria Noonan were delighted to receive the grant and are very grateful to Neil March and Steve Wickenden at Southern Planning Practice who worked so hard to realise this grant.

Deer Family Welcomes Distant Cousins


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Sky Park Farm Heralds Opening for Visitors in May 2021


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Matt Crow joins Sky Park Farm as Executive Chef


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