Visitor Centre

Our Visitor Centre has toys and gifts to make your visit complete.  With delicious coffee available from our expert Barista, teas, cakes, sweet and savoury snacks, ice creams, slushies and soft drinks. Our Visitor Centre has all you need for a picnic or a little treat! 

Our devotion to deer can be seen across the many deer themed items available in the shop from cuddly Bambi-like toys, jigsaws featuring grazing herds of deer to ride on wooden toys. 

At the same time, we’ve made room for other creatures that live on our farm, such as badgers, rabbits and squirrels. Along with the birds that soar overhead, they’re all represented on our shelves of toys and furry animals.

Why not buy your beloved pet a treat too?  With pet beds and dog chews, there really is something for everyone!

Visitor Centre, Gift Shop at Sky Park Farm