Alongside beef, lamb, pork, chicken and other meats, our butcher offers naturally lean and tender venison reared on our farm. Choose from a variety of cuts, all offering higher protein and finer texture than comparable cuts of beef. Our butcher, Hawie, has over 28 years experience and is passionate about his craft. He is on hand to give expert advice on the most suitable cuts and cooking methods.  With our very own dry ager, why not come and select your sirloin, T-bone or fore rib to be placed in our dry ager for a few weeks to enjoy this most delicious cut at home?  

From farm to butcher, our venison proceedings are supervised by our expert Ranger team.

Hawie is on hand every day to assist you and answer any questions, 9am – 12 on Monday, Tuesday & Sunday and all day Wednesday – Saturday. 

Butcher at Sky Park Farm