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In Celebration of British Cheese – our top 5


National Cheese Day – In Celebration of British Cheese 

4th June 

Cheese making is an ancient craft that even predates history records! In the UK we have hundreds of exceptional cheesemakers creating a wide variety of delicious cheeses for the perfect cheese board, simple home cooking or exquisite dishes like the renowned Cheese Souffle in The Grazing Rooms, made with Sussex Charmer and Twineham Grange. 

Here are Executive Head Chef Matt Crow’s Top 5 British cheeses: 

  1. Tunworth – award winning Tunworth is a very British Camembert handmade in rural Hampshire. It has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour reminiscent of its French cousin.
  2. Sussex Charmer – a local hard cheese made near Horsham made from a marriage of two very separate cheese production methods, each one ancient and prestigious in its own right.  The award winning cheese combines the creaminess of a mature farmhouse cheddar and the zing of an Italian style hard cheese. This versatile cheese represents a stunning addition to a cheese board.
  3. Twineham Grange – a hard cheese made from pasteurised cows milk and matured over 15 months. It is a sweet cheese that can be enjoyed on its own from a cheese board with a glass of wine or a pear, grated over piping hot pasta and is a great cheese to cook with.
  4. Pevensey Blue – an award winning soft, creamy blue cheese made in East Sussex. The milk comes from a local organic dairy herd that grazes in the marshland of the Pevensey Levels.
  5. Golden Cross – this log shaped award winning Sussex goat’s cheese can be eaten fresh or matured. It’s a versatile cheese that works perfectly on a cheeseboard or is delicious cooked or grilled.
National Cheese Day

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