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How Nature Dictates the Farming Timetable


This is a busy time of year at Sky Park Farm. There is a renewed sense of energy as our farming team start the spring paddock maintenance after the long winter. 

During the colder months the grass stops growing. The paddocks have to be carefully managed to preserve them for the spring and summer. Often, there are one or two drier ‘sacrificial’ paddocks, where the red, white and sika deer hinds will stay over the winter months. Here, they are given silage as well as the daily hard feed to supplement their nutritional needs. As the days start to dry out, the paddocks are harrowed, rolled and seeded creating the optimum pasture for the deer.  

Some paddocks are cultivated specifically to produce the silage needed for additional winter feeding. What we feed our deer has a direct result on their health. Silage is preserved grass that is fermented through the microscopic organisms that live in the grass, converting sugars to acids. Our 7 acre paddock is currently long and lush, and will be ready for harvesting in May. 

As well as focusing on the paddocks, our Rangers are busy nurturing our majestic deer herds –  the hinds are pregnant, with calves due from May and all our deer will have their bi-annual health check over the next few months. 

As ever, farming life is a balancing act with nature often dictating the timetable. 

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One of the paddocks at Sky Park Farm with red deer in

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