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Championing Experts – Our Butcher


The weekend is fast approaching and it’s half term! We need to keep hungry mouths fed. For the meat eaters in your life, head to our Butcher. 

Across the country, there is a resurgence of ‘artisan’ butchers, where the craft of cutting meat is celebrated. Today’s generation of shoppers, spurred by a real passion for the progeny of food, supporting local businesses and a genuine interest in cooking, are seeking out these treasured experts. 

Hawie Jooste, Sky Park Farm’s expert butcher, said: “There’s a huge difference in what I have and what you buy in a supermarket. Not just our lean and tender farmed venison, but a real breadth of original cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken supplied by wonderful local farms. I am passionate about what we offer – it’s really important to me that customers leave with something really special, whether feeding the family or for a smart dinner”. 

When you access the expertise of a butcher, you get a friendly and knowledgeable service, real breadth of choice and support local farmers – you know what you’re getting and where it’s from. 

At Sky Park Farm, our Butcher also has a dry ager, where you can select your fore rib, place it in the dry ager for 5 weeks and enjoy this succulent cut at home! With Christmas soon upon us, you can place your order now for your Christmas meat. 

The Butcher is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Our own pre-packed meats will be available in our fridges all week. 

Hawie, Sky Park Farms butcher in an apron



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