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Celebrating Our Rangers on World Ranger Day 


World Ranger Day celebrates the work that Rangers do to protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

At Sky Park Farm, our Rangers are critical to the smooth running of farm operations and to extend understanding of deer and deer farming. Led by Glyn Ingram, Head Deer Keeper, the team includes Lily Twigger and Craig Gilbertson. The role of our Rangers is extremely varied and leans on keeping, farming and conservation skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. The team are responsible for all aspects of deer husbandry from daily feeding, to monitoring for any health issues, managing annual health checks and vaccinations, maintaining the paddocks, hedgerows and races. They are on the Farm every day and during visitor hours they love nothing more than answering questions about the deer and deer farming! 

We thought you might like to know a little more about our team – feel free to ask them in person too!

Glyn – passionate about deer from a young age whether farmed, park or wild, Glyn’s extensive knowledge has been harnessed working at deer parks across the country. Most recently Glyn worked with the British Deer Society where he championed education. Glyn loves nothing more than to get stuck in to daily demands of deer farming, and is excited about the opportunity to grow both the visitor experience and deer numbers at the Farm to extend knowledge and understanding of deer and deer farming. 

Lily – having studied for an advanced diploma in Land and Wildlife Management (and having received the Matthew Tyson Award for Best Gamekeeping Student 2019), Lily thought her gamekeeping future would revolve around pheasants and partridge. But a college visit to a deer park sparked a passion for deer and deer farming and Lily’s destiny was sealed! Lily loves her job both behind the scenes and with the public. Lily loves to get involved in the education side, whilst maintaining her daily focus on deer farming. 

Craig – helped build the Visitor Centre at Sky Park Farm, and during the process fell in love with the deer and deer farming, and was then offered a job as a Ranger. He has loved the training, both professional and on the job, and his favourite part of the job is the deer husbandry. Craig is looking forward to watching the business grow, for more visitors to share the experience and learn about deer. A devoted Dad, Craig has a strong work ethic and will turn his hand to any job needed! 


photo of our Rangers, Lily, Craig and Glyn standing in a paddock of deer hinds

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