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With short days, often little fresh air and an understandable post festive low, it’s often hard not to feel a little blue as we creep back into the new year. 

Many start with resolutions of committed gym memberships or perhaps a “Dry January” – sometimes these are hard to maintain when moods are low. So how do we keep ourselves motivated? 

Keep life simple! Getting moving doesn’t have to be expensive or even massively strenuous. Walking is in fact proven to be one of the best weight loss activities! A brisk walk through beautiful surroundings will also improve your digestion – perhaps leaving you ready to face a delicious lunch. Entry to our Visitor Experience is free until 28th January, so wrap up warm and make the most of our beautiful Farm Trail and see the welcoming deer. 

Keeping ourselves motivated is often a challenge – this is all about keeping our mood positive.  While the British winter sun doesn’t offer quite enough vitamin D to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, there is no doubt that a blast of fresh air is good for the soul. Whether boosting the flow of oxygen through your body supporting healthy lung function or improving brain function and concentration with increased serotonin, fresh air leaves you feeling revived. 

With many of us feasting at home over the Christmas period (and during lockdown in general), many are a little weary of producing another meal. Create time for you to pursue your new year’s resolutions by getting others to cook for you. In The Grazing Rooms children eat lunch free for January, Wednesday to Friday, leaving you to enjoy quality time with your children with no washing up! 

With a little more flexibility soon with social distancing restrictions lightening, now is the time for those still working from home to start finding places to meet colleagues. The Grazing Rooms is open from 9am, allowing you to brainstorm in beautiful surroundings over a delicious breakfast or lunch, before heading back to your home office. A change of view often sparks creative juices! 

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Walking the Farm Trail at Sky Park Farm

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