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Are you starting to feel the excitement build for Christmas? Or perhaps you like to keep Christmas firmly in December!  What is certain, is that with just over six weeks to go, there is a hum of excitement and anticipation as children young and old start to count down the days and ready the advent calendars.

In Christian tradition, Advent, from the Latin, “adventus” which means “coming”, is the countdown to the birth of Christ on Christmas Day and also the preparation of the Second Coming of Christ. While the first window of our Advent Calendars traditionally start from 1st December, the Christian celebration of Advent begins on St Andrew’s Day, the Sunday nearest 30 November and marks the beginning of the liturgical year. 

While historically some families would mark the countdown to Christmas with chalk lines, the first actual Advent Calendars were used in the 19th Century by Lutherians in Germany. 

Today, there is an incredible breadth of calendars available for young and old! Some like the more traditional calendars, with beautiful images and hints of excitement behind each window; some like the homemade calendars often filled with wonderful small gifts for enjoyment each day. Many find it hard to resist chocolate calendars! 

In our Farm Shop, we are delighted to have a limited number of exquisite hand knitted advent calendars by local knitting experts Nana Knits. These magical calendars can of course be kept and reused year after year. You will also find some visually stunning traditional calendars as well as a breadth of food themed calendars ready to please any taste! 

The Farm Shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 430pm. Our mission at Sky Park Farm is to champion local suppliers delivering exceptional quality produce across the whole offer. Sky Park Farm has something for everyone. 


Advent Calendars



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