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13th November is National Kindness Day.


What is the true meaning of kindness? According to the dictionary, kindness is defined as “being friendly, generous and considerate”. Whereas being kind is doing “intentional, voluntary acts of kindness”. 

Children learn their behaviour through mirroring their parents, family and carers. If we look to nature, our young deer calves learn how to be part of their extended family, the herd, by copying their mums. While learnt behaviour is the starting point for kindness, how else can we inspire our children to practice kindness in their daily lives? As children grow up, how often do you hear parents say “be kind” to siblings … friends and, of course … to animals. How can we bring this practice of kindness into our daily lives? 

  • Doing things for other people
  • Taking the time to write a thank you note
  • Helping an elderly neighbour or friend with small jobs 
  • Celebrating someone else’s success

Kindness is also the starting point for the wellbeing of the animals in our lives. Whether domestically or on a farm, being kind to animals is as important to our own mental wellbeing as how we interact with other humans. This might mean making sure there is plenty of food and water or watching for signs of illness and getting appropriate and timely treatment. Animals’ health will flourish with love and good care. Nature is home to a diverse wildlife, much of which can’t be seen. In the wild, kindness means respecting animal habitats – for example by taking our litter home. 

Respecting the natural world is one way children become more compassionate and considerate. According to Psychology Today, “Science has now shown that devoting resources to others, rather than having more and more for yourself, brings about lasting well-being”. 

At Sky Park Farm we work hard to nurture our deer herds. Numbers are carefully managed to ensure the environment can support them, there is enough grass and the paddocks have a chance to repair. Our Rangers are passionate about the deer in their care and take enormous pride in their wellbeing. 

Sky Park Farm Experience and Adventure Playground is open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm.

Boy feeding a deer at Sky Par Farm

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