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This year’s first Red deer calf has been born!

After a 7.5month (232 days) pregnancy and unusual Spring weather our hinds are starting to deliver their newborns.

During their pregnancy, the hinds keep the same diet, their lean physique only changing with the growth of the unborn calf. Their behaviour throughout pregnancy stays much the same and they take the gestation in their stride.

Just before parturition the hind will take herself off from the herd and find somewhere quiet and safe. The new born calves are born with white spots, which they will keep until approximately 5 to 6months old. This is nature’s way of camouflaging the calf, providing natural protection when the hind leaves the calf during the day to forage for food.

Depending on geographical location and climate, the calf may not wean itself naturally until 7 to 10months old. At about 12months old, the young hinds, now yearlings, will stay with their mum or yearling groups, while the younger stags will go in search of bachelor groups.

On the farm, the Red deer calves can be definitively sexed when they come into the shed for weaning in September (pre-rut weaning) or November (post-rut weaning). The first signs of antlers start to appear on the stags in early winter when they are approximately 8 months old.


Baby deer at Sky Park Farm 2021

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