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Deer Family Welcomes Distant Cousins


Sky Park Farm Rangers are delighted to have settled in a new herd of 15 Sika deer.

Sika deer were introduced into Britain from the Far East in 1860. It is possible that almost all living English, Scottish and Irish sika are descendants from only one Japanese stag and three hinds introduced to Viscount Powerscourt’s deer park at Enniskerry, Eire in 1860.

Lily Twigger, one of Sky Park Farm’s Rangers, said “We are delighted to add this beautiful Sika deer herd to our family. Visitors will enjoy learning about the different species of deer and spotting the differences between the Sika, White and Red deer across the farm”.

Sika, similar to Fallow in coat colour, have heart shaped white markings with a black border on the distinct white rump and a short, white tail. There is often a dark coloured dorsal stripe running the length of the back. When fully grown stags weigh between 40 to 70kg and hinds 30 to 45kgs. By comparison, an average adult man in Britain weighs 79kg. You can track the Sika through its slightly smaller hoof prints (about 7cm).

Herd of Sika Deer at Sky Park Farm



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